Meet Buttercup

HI! I'm Ashley also known as Buttercup. 

I'm a barely, thirty something girl with way too many ideas. I'm married to the love of my life, 
for reals, no exaggeration there. 

We have two crazy adorable boys who I totally adore and will annoy you with pictures of. 
I can't help myself there so frakin cute!

I'm a part time optical store employee and  a part time stay at home domestic goddess. Okay, maybe I haven't reached goddess level yet but that's my goal anyway.

So what's this here blog about you ask? Well, A whole lot of something. You'll find recipes of all sorts. There isn't a whole lot I don't try to make. I dabble in both healthy and indulgent types of food. There will be desserts, heaps and mounds of dessert. There will be smoothies to no end! I love them, and that's one way I justify my desserts! I'll also be sharing family pleasing meals that are nutritious and pleasing to even the pickiest of kids. Speaking of picky kids, that little man just below, is the pickiest!

Unlike his brother, who will eat anything and I mean anything! That's him just below.

It won't all be food. I like to craft and DIY. In fact I have some project on my mind at the moment that I hope to share. I'm never satisfied and there is a room I'm always trying to tweak in my house. Someday I'll get it just the way I like it. Yeah, right, that's won't happen. But a girl can dream right?

Oh, and there will be party posts. I like to throw parties and usually have ideas on my Pinterest boards for parties before there is even an even to have bash for! Seriously, I told you I have too many ideas! So when I finally have an excuse I'll be tossing some party posts your way too.

Let me think, is there any thing else you should know?


I am awful at spelling and my brain works faster than my fingers can type so unless my husband proof reads don't freak out over my typos!

My husband is a total super nerd. Not like a cool "geek chic" type. He's an OG nerd. You may be seeing some random nerdom post, comments or references. He's eve turned me so you have been warned!

I very much dislike negativity, trolling or judgmental comments and people. So if you don't like something here keep it to yourself and move along. Ugliness, rudeness and negativity will be removed.

Oh and if you're curious. The name of the blog and my going by Buttercup comes from the movie The Princess Bride. My husband introduced me to the movie soon into our relationship, we even had our first dance to the love theme from the movie at our wedding. He has always called my Buttercup and I like to think he's my Dread Pirate. :)

That's all for now.
I hope you see something you like and want to stick around! Thanks for stopping by!

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