Friday, November 14, 2014


  1. Do you watch New Girl? Enjoy some Smchidt Quotes. 
  2. Yep.
  3. So much, this! Things are changing in my life and as I get older I've realized some people aren't going to be there and I'm not going to feel guilty when they're the reason why I have to walk away. Wow, that got deep and dark pretty quickly. Uhhhh.... 
  4. I just made some pumpkin butter, but her's looks so much better!
  5. I want to make these.
  6. So yeah, I'm going to be adding these brussel sprouts to my Thanksgiving menu. 
  7. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I made a Pinterest board dedicated to it. 
  8. I bet my picky eaters would totally snack on these
  9. CocoaPebblesCerealMilkPudding might just be my husband's dream dessert.
  10. Slow Cooker Hard Cider Braised Pork with Sour Cherries and Cheesy Polenta. That is totally happening next week,
  11. How cute is this party? I feel the need to recreate it! Who wants to make me Marquee Lights?
  12. Beer Battered Fried Calamari Pizza. It's like she made this pizza for my oldest child. He loves calamari and pizza. (aaaand he's the picky one!)
  13. Mom, if you're reading this, I want to make this apple cider for the Christmas Eve party.
  14. Loaded Junk Food Brownies. Be still my heart!
  15. As always, Amanda speaks to my inner sugar addict, with this frosting!
  16. So, what do you think of the new look? I may not be totally done but I like it much better. I think, I should be back in full force, next week, but I'm still fighting this sinus thing. 
  17. Speaking of being sick, I would like to thank Netflix for finally adding some stuff from Food Network and HGTV. I've been binge watching Pioneer Woman and David Bromstad the past couple of weeks. All four of us have been pretty pitiful lately, but I can't seem to shake it. Plus, I pulled a muscle in my back (again) and I think that is definitely contributing to my general feel of ick.  Now, back to my hot tea and some design tv. 
Happy Weekend!!

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