Monday, November 10, 2014

Under Construction!!


   Did you miss me? So, I'm not total back just dropping in to say hiiiiiiiiiiii-eeeeee and let you know what is going on. First things first, my entire family has gone and gotten themselves sick! This happens every year, we are not contagious buttttt we all have terrible allergies and it always happens at the same time. Every, dang time. I just wanted to stop in and say, I haven't blogged because I have only cooked one thing blog worthy and just didn't have the energy to shoot it. I'm on the upswing and so are my man and my little guys. Secondly, since I'm just not feeling up to the, actual stand on my feet, type of work it comes with blogging and my brain is too fuzzy to write any decent posts, I am going to finish a little makeover that I've been designing behind the scenes. Nothing major, it will still be a similar look but I just want to teak a few things. I'm hoping to be back by Friday but it may be next Monday before you hear from me again. I have no clue what I am doing when it come to coding and I'm learning as I go, therefore I have no real idea how long this may take. See you soon!!!


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