Friday, August 8, 2014

Currently #1

This will, hopefully, be my regular Friday post. I tried my best to do one on my old blog every Friday, I hope to be better at it this go around.

I am so stupid excited for this book! I'm going to rush right off and buy mascarpone so I can make that sandwich! I mean, HELLO, get in my belly!

Can we talk about this lemonade? I must make it. Now.

Another season of Arrested Development!?!? I hope it's better than the last one Netflix made. One of our favorite date nights is Arrested Development and BBQ nachos and we haven't found another show that fills that void just yet. Oh, please don't let this be a dream!

Speaking of TV, I am awful about binge watching shows on Netflix. I'm currently hooked on Haven. The problems is, there are only 3 seasons on Netflix and we don't have cable. I've got to figure out how to get my hands on some season 4 episodes, before my husband loses his mind. He started watching them and I've since started.

That cutie monster up there is turning two on Monday. I cannot believe it! We are making sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, our family tradition, then heading out to a playground and going to Red Robin for dinner because this kid is OBSESSED with burgers.

Have you tried these? I wonder if they're similar to the chips in the old Party Chip Frosting. I hope so! I think I might make a batch for some cupcakes for my boys' shared birthday party.

Sorry for the boring and short post. I am a ton to get done around my house and I have some work for work to do as well. Not to mention I have some party planning to do, I have two weeks before my boys' birthday party and I have very little done. I better get a move on!


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