Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who is Buttercup?

It's hard trying to decide where to start. I blogged before and took an impromptu break and never came back. I've been working on this blog for months but I never puled the trigger and started posting. I already have a few recipes photographed that I need to type out and share.

Who am I?

My name is Ashley aka Buttercup. I'm a young thirty something (ugh that is hard to type!) I'm married to my one and only. We have two young boys. I am totally outnumbered here in this house!

Caleb is our oldest. He is so imaginative and creative. He is my wild child. He is the most like me but he is a totally a Daddy's boy, except when it's time for bedtime snuggles, then it's all me. :)

Liam is our youngest. He has always been our thinker and explorer. He is always trying to figure things out. He is just like his Daddy but he is a total Mommy's boy. Funny how kids are.

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