Friday, August 29, 2014

Currently #2

The past two weeks have been B A N A N A S! (Did you just sing that with Gwen Stefani in your head? It's been stuck in my head after my husband was singing last week. But it is good to know that he "ain't no holla back girl" though!)

Speaking of how weird he is... I caught him watching Pitch Perfect twice in the past week. Alone.
I should also add we are both stoked for the sequel. Aca-Excited!!!

We had our boys' birthday party last Saturday. I planned a "Favorite Things" theme. I used their favorite colors, decorated with gold dinosaurs, made their favorite cupcakes, snacks and lemonade. We had a kiddie pool, water balloons, water guns, a pinata and tons of bubbles. Then a sudden downpour hit and ruined my decorations, but luckily we got the food back in in time to keep it dry. We set up the table inside then the rain stopped. The whole back yard became just a wild water war between kids and adults! It was a blast. I just wish we had remembered our family picture. We even forgot to let the kids blow out candles! I had planned on three posts about the party: one about the food, one with the custom cupcake toppers and one on the lemonade and sweet tea bar, but now I don't think I can get a post out on those things, since I don't have a decent photo to show you. I almost want to throw it all over again just to photograph it. I know that sounds nuts, but I had envisioned it for months and it didn't happen the way I wanted. Even Caleb (my almost 5 year old) told me he was said about the decorations, but it was still the best party ever! He's a keeper!

These brownies! Quick and delicious, has my name all over them!

Catfish Tacos!  Whaaa!??!!??!

Banana Avocado Chocolate Pudding. Maybe I can get my boys to eat a snack that doesn't include cheese now.

Carrot Jalapeno Soup. Umm hello! Get in my bowl!

I have a confession. I thought I was trying to suck every last bit of life out of summer. I think I accidentally lied. Today, I suddenly felt the need to bake with pumpkin, make apple cider(which I hate, unless it's hard) and make some butternut squash soup. I think I am ready for fall. No wait! Yes... Scratch that. I most definitely am 100% ready for fall food, weather and life!

I adore Neapolitan. This Cake! I'm Dying! I need that in my life!

Have you seen Drunk History? It's one of our new favorite, shameful indulgences. I tried to explain the premise to my Mom. She didn't get it. To be honest I'm no sure I do either, but it's awesome!

All four of us have been sick this week. Apparently, about a third of party goers wound up sick. In true kid fashion the boys were fine by Wednesday and Lee and I felt worse. I think we are on the mend now but this week has been rough.

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Ninja edit from the hubs - This lady is insane, but I love her. Have fun folks.
-Ain't no holla back girl! (Now it's in your head too.)

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