Friday, September 5, 2014

Currently #3

Sooooo, Netflix added Criminal Minds to instant streaming last week. I cannot stop watching. What is wrong with me?

Asian BBQ Boneless Ovenbaked Wings. Um, yeah I'm going to need to make these!
Whole Grain Beer Mustard is very much on my to do list.
Oatmeal Cookie Granola is on my list for breakfast many days next week.
This Pie Sundae Social is such a cute idea!

I think the boys and I may grow ourselves some crystals. I don't think I am going to use eggs shells, maybe some larger rocks. I see fun things in our future!

Speaking of crafting, I just cleaned and rearranged my office/craft room. It was crazy disheveled before. Now everything has a home and a place. I think projects are in my future.  Get ready for some craft goodies. (hopefully)

Who wants to buy these for me? Wonder if how many hints I need to drop between now and Christmas...

Princess Bride facts. Bet you can't guess where I got name for this blog...

I am so ready for fall! I want cooler weather so bad that I can't stand it. There is a palpable feeling I get about fall, it's magical. I love the leaves, the food, the smells... I love every single thing about Autumn! I think I am going to make Curried Sweet Potato Soup tomorrow and pretend its no longer summer outside.

I've started planning Halloween costumes. Caleb can't decide between a Ghostbuster, a ghost, a vampire, a werewolf or a zombie. Liam just says he wants to be whatever Caleb says. I was planning on a Caleb as a Ghostbuster and Liam as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but I think that has been ruled out. My sister and I are both working on gender swapped Sam and Dean from Supernatural for Halloween. I am pretty stoked about it. Oh my gosh, why am I such a dork!

This weekend is about relaxing. The Mr. has taken the weekend off. For once, he has the weekend off and we have no plans. I don't know what to do with myself, other than some laundry and dishes nothing needs to be done around the house. I think a family movie night, a couple of trips to the playground and even a date night.

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