Saturday, September 20, 2014


Flowers from my Mom's garden.

Another view of the flowers.

This is Shark Bite. Can you tell I let my son pick the name?

I found this shot of my peony on a memory card last week. It is from earlier this summer.

Sprinkles for life!

Favorite lunch of the moment.

Blackberry Hibiscus Lemonade.
I basically followed this recipe and just remixed it slightly.

I made this guy this pudding and it was a hit, as you can tell from his face!

This is Fanta, he is my favorite.

This is River, she is named after River Tam. My husband picked this one.

I have no words.

Dough love.

My Mom and I took the boys to see my Granny, She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's but she was having a clearish day. I was so much better than I had braced myself for.
I was not nearly as heartbroken leaving as I feared I would be.
Alzheimer's is a terrible awful disease that has affected my family too many times! 

Liam wanted to give "geat ganny" a "mooch" and Caleb decided to photobomb. I kind of love it.

 Made some Pina Colada Brown Sugar Ice Cream Sauce.
Not sure if I'll share this one or not. It's good, maybe too good.

 These two went on a midday Daddy date to the movies.


 Handpies getting ready for their close up.
(Wow, I didn't realize how dirty my windows are. Guess what I'm doing today? It involves Windex!)

Recipe testing with shaved brussel sprouts. To be continued...

Sticky Mango Stir Fry. That one is another you should see sooner than later.
I just want to perfect it first.


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