Friday, September 19, 2014


1. See that smoothie up there? Yeah, so, I have a stash of watermelon in my freezer, so I can pull it out and make mint watermelon smoothies when I start to "miss" summer. 

2. I may have stolen all of my Mom's mint out of her garden and made 6 cups of mint syrup to add to smoothies, coffee and tea. I froze half of it to use through the winter.

3. I made the most amazing coconut curry risotto two nights ago. Life changing good! Now I just have to remember what I did so I can duplicate it.

4. We have decided on our Halloween costumes. Caleb is going to be a Werewolf and Liam is going to be Mickey Mouse. My sister and I are going to do a gender swapped versions of Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Don't ask why, I cannot explain it. Now, I'm on the look out for a fake sawed off shotgun...

5. This guy is turning 5 next week! I cannot believe it. He is such a funny, silly, hard headed, imaginative, stinky little man. He asked for sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We normally go out for dinner to the restaurant of his choice but he wants to have dinner at my Mom's house. Breakfast for dinner that is. 

6. I might even find some of the Krispy Kreme Ghostbuster Doughnuts for him when they become available. He loves everything Ghostbusters. 

7. On the Menu for the week:
Homemade Pizza Bagels (My mom used to make something similar for me when I was a kid!)


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