Friday, October 10, 2014


1. Eww!!
2. I'm Sherlock.. Which detective are you?
3. I made the BEST taco salad last night AAAAAAND it was pretty healthy! Whut!?
4. I want this for breakfast. EVERYDAY.
5. I think I should make this salsa for my husband and little brother! We will see if they can really take the heat!
5. My sister really needs to make me this dip, since she is queen of all things Heath Bar!
6. Do you know all the lyrics to the Fresh Prince theme song? My bestie tagged me in a post on my FB page, because she got 100%. The funny thing about that was, I had taken the quiz the day before and planned on tagging her in mine but I got distracted and never shred it.
7. Speaking of Fresh Prince, this made my inner 90s kids squeal with glee!
8. Um. Yeah so not much going on this week. I'm currently overwhelmed in my real life so I haven't been present here or well, anywhere too much. It's nothing major, just a lot on my plate lately and dealing with what I want vs. what I need, apparently. So, have a happy weekend and I am going to turn things around his weekend and get some sleep. My children have both woken up after 11 and stayed up until 4 or 5 at least 3 times this week. Mama needs a nap.


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