Sunday, October 19, 2014


I need to be real with you. I cannot believe I am about to type these words, but here goes... I love deep fried Oreos. I thought they would be revolting, I was wrong, so wrong. I could only handle a little but because they are so very sweet but dang, they are good. Should I have in my food snob card now?

I'm most definitely coming down with something  but I don't know what. I just know, I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I think I've slept more than I've been awake in the past 4 days. I've also been super dizzy, but it isn't anything like the vertigo I've had in he past, so that is a good thing. But sheesh! I just want to feel good.

Love me some alone time .

I'm an over-analyzer too!

An interview with my FAV food blogger.

OMG!!! Bananas Foster Tiramisu!!

Theeeeeeese truffles! I mean...  I. MUST. HAVE. THEM.

How to store and and clean produce. Useful info!

I've been toying with making some cheeky kitchen art, but this lady went and did it for me!

Cream Cheese Apple Coffee Cake. Hello BEAUTIFUL!

Wonder if I can get little mister picky to eat this Mac and Cheese?

Loving this bedroom re-do!

This pizza is proof of why she is my fav!

Love this shared kids room.

Basil Red CURRY Biscuits. Get in my mouth!!!

Now, I've got o get the pork butt out of the slow cooker, make my balsamic BBQ sauce and the apple fennel slaw with orange dressing. I'm trying to make up for the Oreo.

Happy Sunday,

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