Friday, October 31, 2014


  • I thought I was going to have tons of posts for you this week, then I realized, when my husband takes his yearly fall staycation,  he becomes a terrible influence on me. I have a ton of dishes to do, not one piece of food photographed and a pile of laundry that reaches the ceiling! Ok, maybe not that bad but I have been far less productive, since he's been home everyday. I wound up missing work. Monday we wound up doing fun Halloween things with the kids, then I ate something that, apparently, makes my gastroparesis act up, so I was too sick to work Wednesday. Luckily my job is flexible and I get to work when I can, had I known I was going to wind up sick, maybe I would have worked Monday, instead of binge watching Scooby Doo.
  • We painted pumpkins this week and they are adorable but I think, I love the way the paper, we put on the table, looks more than anything. I thought about trying to dry it out, cutting it down into 11x14 sections and calling it modern art. 
  • My Mom made my boys the most adorable skelelton, bat and ghost cookies this week and sent, what was left, home with them. Apparently some stuck together because I just looked up at Caleb and he is eating a HUGE conglomeration of cookies,that were stacked and stuck together. He looked at me and said "What!?!?? you said I could have a cookie and thiiiiiiis is, ONE cookie." I like the way this kids thinks!

  • I made some amazing pumpkin butter yesterday! I will be posting that recipe soon! So SO so good!!! You should be jealous of my toast. I think, I want to mix it with Nutella and make my breakfast delicious and lose all nutritional value. 
  • I am not ready for Halloween to be over! I love all the fun things leading up to it. The cute and spooky pjs, food and activities! UGH!!! I. almost, love Halloween as much as Christmas! 
  • I feel the need to make THESE CARAMEL APPLES!!! (Please forgive me for yelling, they look so dang good!)
  • Pumpkin Midnight Cake! Her cakes are so inspired!
  • Useful info for slowcooker fanatics, like me.
  • Thai Crunch Brussels Sprouts
Happy Halloweening!

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