Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sally girl previously known as Shark Bite. 
Caleb decided to change her name and went to Nightmare Before Christmas for inspiration.

Salsa before blitzing.

Chocolate Heath Doughnut

Found this shot of one of my iris from this summer. Is it really already fall?

veggie lo mein with a fried egg and black sesame seeds. 

Asian inspired BBQ pulled pork stuffed sweet potatoes with bok choy, sesame slaw.

coconut berry smoothie

 Spinach and Broccoli Cheese Soup (Recipe coming soon!)

Ramen Noodle Bowls with alllllll of the toppings!

This is Denmark. Love her eyes!

Date Night, well sort of...
Both kids were gone to church and I was sick but we were alone for a couple of hours. 
We sat in the floor, ate and watched Selfie. 
You take what you can get. 

OK, last picture of this meal. It was so dang good! I think this recipe will be coming soon too!

Starting him young. 

 I doughnut see you! Get it? Get it? I'm lame...

 Made my Mother in law red velvet no bake cheesecake pots for her birthday. 

 We went to a pumpkin patch recently and the boys LOVED every second of it! 
This slide got tons of use from Caleb.

 Sudden and unexpected naps are the best!

 My newest salad creation. It was missing tortilla chips. I should have hidden them!
It consisted of chipotle orange shredded pork, Monterrey Jack cheese, quinoa, spinach, homemade salsa, cilantro lime puree, avocado and bell peppers. It was sooo sooo good but sooo sooo ugly! 

Whipped cream is the bestest!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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