Saturday, January 3, 2015


  1. Happy 2015! I'm not making resolutions this year, but I am making changes. I'm stream lining our life, reorganizing our house, cutting out the clutter, physically and mentally and we are spending more time as a family.
  2. As you might guess from my photo, we have been enjoying some lazy days. Liam has been sick and Caleb has been WIRED, but we're making it work. It has been nice being home for two weeks with my guys. Although, I have to say, I miss reality. I really miss work! 
  3. Some things we should know. 
  4. My husband has NEVER seen a single episode of Friends. (I know, I know, but before you judge him, I have only seen one Star Wars movie and it was Episode 1. We are equally sad people.) Well, lucky for him, he gets to binge watch it with me now, albeit against his will. Whatever, he will grow to LOVE it. 
  5. Make 2015 better.
  6. Love this 2015 printable calendar.
  7. I've been wanting new stockings. I may try my hand at these.
  8. This Harry Potter tree.
  9. Mom made these buffalo chicken meatballs for Christmas Eve and they were fantastic!
  10. Everything coming to Netflix this year. 
  11. I want to learn to make the Mr. some beard oil. Anyone out there ever make or buy any? 
  12. Have some summer in the winter with these cupcakes.
  13. 10 Kitchen Habits to Adopt. Yes to everything! 
  14. Forewarning: Be prepared for a wave of smoothie posts from me. No, I'm not jumping on the "new year, new me" bandwagon, But, I can feel the affects of eating everything in front of me throughout the holidays and my broken stomach is still a problem. I haven't had full on sick days in awhile, but I've had glimpses and can feel them coming. So, I'm doing what my doctors suggested and doing liquids as much as possible for a while. Luckily, I can make some killer smoothies and juices!
  15. In fact, a Detox Bloody Mary sounds pretty amazing right about now. 
Happy Weekending!

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