Monday, January 5, 2015

Most Popular Post of 2014

Click on the links in black at the top of each picture to get the recipe.

Mango Honey Chicken Stirfry
By far this is my most popular recipe on the blog and at home!
It is so delicious and so simple, I can very much believe it would be my #1 this year.
More stirfry for you in 2015! Would you like that? I would.

The Runner up is so so so good!
It is my perfect burger!

So good! I can't wait for fig season to roll around again. 
Although, you can sub the fig for apple, banana even orange when figs are out of season.

My absolute favorite fall recipe.
 Of course, it can be a winter favorite, heck it can bean anytime favorite.

This one live in my fridge at all times. When I run out I always make another batch within days.
It is a life saver!

Cherry Lemonade
I cannot believe I only have one drink on here! More drinks in 2015!! 

The perfect make ahead breakfast! We have this, or some variation, regularly. I make one on Sunday afternoon and we dip into it throughout the week.
(also check of the remixed version I did for Christmas morning)

This is the only non-food post to make the list but it is one of my favorite memories from this year. 

   I better get started planning for this year! 


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