Friday, December 19, 2014


  1. That's just a random picture from our trip to Rock City. It is a weird shot but, I kind of like it. It's what happens when you shoot and walk at the same time.
  2.  That was the second Christmas light themed outing with a set of grandparents. We did the Christmas Night of Lights last week. Both were so much fun! I really recommend both to anyone in the Chattanooga area. 
  3. Because it's the freakin weekend, Adam Levine singing Sunday Morning followed my Ignition (Remix) made my day. Loved that song. (FYI language warning!)
  4. Jimmy Fallon  +  Justin Timberlake ALWAYS!
  5. I think I'm going to have to make this fish chowder. 
  6. Roasted Cashew Sesame Brittle. The candy of my dreams!
  7. So love this.
  8. Ummm, so any of you watch Arrow? The mid-season finale killed me! Like real tears came out of my eyes for fictional characters. 
  9. Obsessed with these wreaths!
  10. Uptown Funk has been stuck in my head for weeks now. I'm perfectly fine with that. According to my husband it's like James Brown and Morris Day and The Time made a music baby. Ha!
  11. So, what do you do when at 10:15 pm, you realize you've lost the screws for your Christmas tree stand and you just promised your 5 year old (who snuck out of bed and gave you the eyes that make you give in 97.37% of the time) that you really will get over your Grinch funk and stop trying to do other things and finally put you your Christmas tree. You beg your loving husband to run by the only place still open and grab screws, right? Wrong! You give him the same eyes you got from, the previously mentioned 5 year old con artist, and find a pre-lit white tree of your dreams! Ok, so it is a foot and a half shorter that I wanted but it was literally $200.00 cheaper than the 8 footer I was drooling over. I'll take it! And, got to give a shout out to Mr. man who went out after working a quadrillion hour day to get it so that I didn't have to change out of my pj pants and so that he could see our little guys excitement tomorrow when they get up expecting no tree. He really is the best!
  12. Who doesn't want an Ombre Birthday Smoothie?
  13. All the cookies!!
  14. Marshmallows are my love language!
  15. I'm working out a Eggnog Pie recipe. It is the same idea as my Truffle Pie, but I'm having trouble getting the eggnog to whipping cream ratio to work out. Too much eggnog and it won't set up and not enough and you lose the flavor. I will say that my half frozen, sloppy version was a hit at my work Christmas party and if they hated it there would be no lying to save my feelings. haha! Love them for it though. Hopefully I can work it out and I can share it with you by next Christmas. I can't rush perfection. :)
Happy Weekending!!!

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